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Build a Home Wind Turbine and Do not Pay Electric Bills Again

Whether you want to eliminate your energy bill, arrange yourself to live outside the grid, or make your home a little greener, you’ll want to see what it takes to build a home-made wind turbine. You will be very surprised at how cheap and how easy it is.But why would you want to build a wind turbine home and not just go out and buy it? The answer is simple, especially if you are trying to save some money. The retail wind turbine will cost about $ 4,000 for the low end model and up to $ 10,000 for the best. Not to mention you still have to pay for the installation and then wait up to 3 or 4 months to actually install it.
When you build a home wind turbine with the right plans, you will find that you can complete the project and have your own power source for under $100 when! The cost is almost laughable considering that once you build a home wind turbine, it will pay for itself in only 1 or 2 months since you will no longer have an electric bill to pay.

So what does it take to build a home wind turbine? Here is the list:

- a clear, easy to follow guide with full illustrations
- a decent sized work area, such as a garage
- common tools that you probably already own
- a single weekend to build a home wind turbine

And what about the parts to build a home wind turbine? There are only 3 basic parts to the generator:
- the blades and mounting
- the body and tail assembly
- the tower that will support your home wind turbine

You will notice that when you build a home wind turbine, the blades and mounting will take the longest. The actually process for this part is easy but it does take a little time so it is best to knock it out first.

The only piece that you will have to actually order to build a home wind turbine is the motor but your plans will tell you where to get it for a good price. The motor is the most important part as it will actually convert the wind energy into usable electricity for your home. Everything else you will already have or is available at your local hardware store to build a home wind turbine.

Another important part will be the housing for the generator body. We have found from experience that the best thing to use when you build a home wind turbine is double-walled stainless steel chimney pipe. This is the same thing used on wood stoves or furnaces. After you build a home wind turbine, you will want to set it outside and this pipe is already designed to withstand every kind of weather.

You will be able to do a custom design for the tail and make it out of anything you choose when you build a home wind turbine. It is easy to design and gives you a great opportunity to decorate anyway you want. A lot of people paint it to match their house or make it a custom art piece.

The wind generator tower is the biggest part of the unit. You will find that as you build a home wind turbine, the easiest thing to do will be to get an old TV antennae tower and reuse it. People will actually pay you to remove them from their houses so you can even make some money doing it!

The only other thing you need to build a home-based wind turbine is the battery controller and the cost. This is what will allow you to save electricity for use in your home.

That is it! It’s easy to build a home-based wind turbine and can be done with little money.

With the right plan, you’ll be able to cut energy bills by up to 80% or even eliminate them. Not only that but when you build a home wind turbine, you will also help save the planet from generation to generation!

Cost of Home Building Materials – Most of Money But Faction Cost to Build House

How much does it cost to build a house? Everyone wants to start with the cost of building materials. And while it represents most of the overall cost (probably the biggest in most cases), it’s still a fraction of the total cost that should be incurred.

This article is designed to help you, as an owner builder, understand the factors involved in calculating the cost of a home building project. My goal is to present to you the bird’s view of how the cost of materials, while representing most home building budgets, can not be considered an indication of your cost to build a house..

A Home Building Budget is Complex

Let’s put the cost of home building materials in perspective. What have you got when you have a pile of materials? Sticks, windows, doors, cabinets, appliances, tubs, sinks, lights, floor coverings … yeah, lots of cool stuff, but pretty much useless in a pile. The magic comes in how it’s all put together.

It takes a lot of people, talent, time and energy to make a pile of materials a home. This is what we pay for, even when buying materials. But, we’re still only about 30% of the way home once we’ve priced out our materials package.

Your total investment to build will be spread over the following:

  • Cost of land and utilities
  • Coaching and project supervision
  • Building permits and other required fees
  • Home design and architectural work
  • Financing and reserves
  • Professional and casual labor
  • Deliveries, insurance, contingencies

Simplifying the Process of Pricing With Kit Homes

Many owner builders use packaged homes to make pricing a materials package easier. But it still doesn’t remove the need to factor in all the other costs of building a home. Don’t make the mistake of asking for the price of a package and think you’ve got a good handle on the cost to bui.

Home building packages do include more labor than a site built home, but they only slightly reduce the need for all the other building requirements I’ve listed here. As always, I advise the use of a home building coach to accurately assess your project.